Art and Design

3D printing seems to be one of the newest, most unbelievable technological advances the world has seen in a while. A 3D printer gives its users the ability to create anything in their wildest dreams. You create whatever you want or need on a three-dimensional designing computer program. Then, when hooked up to a printer, all you have to do is click print and, within an array of hours depending on your project, your creation is ready for pickup. The products can be printed in a variety of materials—plastics, rubbers, and metals included—making the possibilities endless. Building a cabinet and ran out of screws? Well, instead of going to the hardware store, you can print them from your home. Want to make a three-foot hyper realistic sculpture of a canary? All you have to do is design it and press print The printers are getting used by doctors to make surgical equipment, construction workers for tools, architects to print accurate models of future building plans and, get this; they’ve even been used by NASA to print tools in rockets while travelling through outer space.

3d printing has enormous opportunities in the field of Art and Design. Artists are printing statues instead of traditionally sculpting them; Jewelry designers are creating their works digitally rather than by hand.

3D printing is changing the artists and designers from the traditional way of doing things, it is allowing artists more options and designers a limitless landscape for their creations.

3d printing nails:

The Laser girls group designed and created 3D printed wearable nails. Being printed in plastics, their nails are aesthetic, wearable pieces that embody glamour and artistic flair.



3D-Printing Food Art:

A Sugar Sculpture.
Artists do not have to confine themselves to plastic and metal media. With the introduction of 3d printing, Sugar Lab has printed sculptures made entirely of sugar, while design studio Emerging Objects created an igloo crafted from salt panels.



3d Selfie:

3d selfie is one of the newest adventures with 3d printing. In recent years, selfies have taken over the world by storm. From common people to celebrities, everyone has taken part in the selfie trend. Now, 3D printers have stepped it up a notch and brought about the idea of 3D selfies, which are basically 3D busts of the person of whom the selfie is being taken.

Instead of flat, 2D pictures, easily get a 3D printed version of yourself, your family, and friends. 3d Selfies make for fun desk toys, great holiday gifts, unique display pieces, or anything you can think of! They’re a great way to capture special moments in life in a new, unique way.

How it works?
When you want a 3d selfie of yours, you will be scanned by a 3d scanner. The scanned image will be processed as a 3d model. This model will be 3d printed in a Sandstone material by using a 3d printer.

According to the requirement you can 3d print upto your bust or you can print your whole body.

3d pen:

Unleash your creativity with one of the most powerful 3d printing tool – 3d pen. With 3d pen you can create any designs and shapes without a 3d printer. It is just like a normal pen but with plastic as its output. You can draw different shapes or designs with this pen.

A 3d pen is a handheld unique kind of drawing tool that works like a pencil or pen. It uses ABS or PLA plastic, unlike a normal pen that uses lead or ink. The pen has a powered electric heater that has an extruder and a heating element that melts the ABS or PLA plastic filaments. The ABS or PLA plastic filaments are fed in one end. Once the filaments are melt, they are forced out through the extruder tip as warm thermoplastic that hardens within seconds. A 3d pen has a metal tip that can get as hot as 270 degrees centigrade and has arrows that acts like speed regulators. A 3d pen produces refined three-dimensional shapes which can draw on the surfaces or in the air and requires no computers or software.