Colorfabb Woodfill 1.75mm filament – High quality filaments

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Colorfabb India Woodfill 1.75mm filament – Premium grade filaments

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Colorfabb India Colorfabb Woodfill

 If you’re looking for something special in your filament portfolio then consider WoodFill filament. About 70% colorfabb PLA and 30% recycled Woodfibres. Your prints will look absolutely amazing and your 3d printer cave will smell like a woodshop! Check out for a tutorial and slicer profiles on how to print with WoodFill.


Adviced 3d printing temperature:


Adviced 3d print speed:

40 – 100 mm/s

Advised Heated bed (if you have one, not strictly necessary)


TIP! For stronger prints and better reliability you can increase flow rate with about 0-10%. This will cause the filament to keep going through the hot zone at a steady pace. Also check out our website for more information and slicer profiles regarding woodFill.

 Colorfabb Woodfill


colorFabb woodFill – PLA/PHA + fine pinewood fibres

Diameter Tolerance:

± 0.05 mm

Glass Transition Temperature


Package contains : 600gms spool (As per Colorfabb standard)

Note : Genuine Colorfabb filaments. Specifications are given by Colorfabb. No warranty, no returns.

Please read Colorfabb instructions on how to print with WOOFILL filaments.



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