Fusing ABS 3d printed parts together by using ABS slurry

The total length of this wing is 560mm. This was printed in 3 pieces to match with the printers height.

Initially, these pieces were joined by using Fevikwik.

Now, prepare ABS slurry. It is the combination of ABS+Acetone. Cut small pieces of same 3d printed ABS. Add some acetone into that. Within 5-7 minutes, ABS will start melting. By using any small metal stick stir the contents for 3-4 minutes. It will become a paste. (Photo is missed).

Carefully apply the paste either with a finger or with any small tool in the joints.

Now smear the paste evenly along the joint. Dry this for some time (15-30mins).

By using the sandpaper (We used Dry sandpaper of 150grid), sand it to get finished look. After the perfect sanding, you can feel the smoothness.

After sanding, the surface will look rough. If you want to make it shining, you can do acetone vaporing on the 3d printed part. (Acetone vaporing will work only with ABS).

Get a metal container and keep it in the stove (Till now we tried with Electric stove only).

For safety, wear Face mask and Googles. (Acetone will be  much hard to smell when heating).











Pour Acetone and start heating. Acetone will start evaporating. Hold the printed part with hands (wearing gloves will stick the gloves to the vaporing part) and show it in the Acetone vaporing. The vapor will start melting the ABS slightly and it will give a shinier look.

Holding the printed part when showing in vaporing is a risky and tricky thing.

You can pour more Acetone to get more shinier look.

I didn’t sand it properly, so that jointed portion is looking odd. If you sand it down perfectly, the visibility of the joints will be very less.

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