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All most all the industries and applications can use 3d printing. Following are some of the applications but not limited to:

  1. Aerospace
  2. Agriculture
  3. Architecture
  4. Casting (Lpst PLA casting)
  5. Dental and Medical Industries
  6. Education
  7. Fashion designing
  8. Food 3d printing
  1. Hobby creations
  2. Innovation
  3. Jewellery patterns
  4. Manufacturing
  5. Pattern making (Shoes, Tyres etc)
  6. Product development
  7. Rapid Prototyping etc.

Still most of the industries are not utilizing the power of 3d printing. You can bring your designs into reality by virtually no time. This helps the designers to see the product in real life without waiting for weeks. 3d printing will make prototypes within hours compared to the traditional manufacturing which takes weeks to complete.

Comparing to CNC, only 1/3 of the money will be required to create a 3d printed prototype.

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