3D Printing In Art And Hobby

The tools and techniques that make possible 3D creations can be a beautiful modern addition to the world of Art! Be it a professional artist or someone pursuing a hobby, creators always keep looking for new ways to express their ideas. With a technology like 3D printing, artists and creators anywhere would be able to transform their ideas into realwork. This will allow them to produce the final outcome not only faster, but with a creative freedom like never before.

Designs like these would traditionally cost a lot in manufacturing, however, 3D printing them is much more reasonable

There are a number of people who can benefit with 3D printers as well as 3D pens, to achieve their goals.

  • Hobbyists working on new projects to unleash their creativity
  • Small scale builders requiring new tools regularly
  • Arts and Crafts enthusiasts who design and produce art
  • Artists who wish to pursue art as a career/ open a business and sell quality products
  • Interior designers looking for the newest decor for modern houses

Here are some of the many ideas and projects that have been made possible with 3D printing:

Wall Decorations

Every 3D printed art that an individual would want to put on their walls, they can get it specially designed. In this way, it is possible to get a highly specific wall art as per your specific demands. It is not only a creative decoration, but will also provide a mini-renovation to change the interiors of the house without spending a lot.

This is a wall in The London Science Museum, which features 150 3D-printed miniature models of visitors.The museum also exhibited the process of 3D printing, from 3D scanning right through to the production of 3D models to tell its importance and applications to people from all industries.

Home Accessories

From Do-It-Yourself projects to professional artists designing intricate detailed structures, anything is possible.
The  filaments used as raw material are available in a number of different colours. One can truly create home décor according to their personal preferences- to match the rest of the room.
There are a number of designs that can only be created with 3D printers, and not with traditional manufacturing.

Jewellery Designing

With an option to choose from a variety of different colours and material, people interest in the hobby of collecting and creating their own jewellery items can use 3D printing! They have the choice of using the material which fits best with their personal ideas.

3D Printed Artwork

In the comic book and animation industry

Comics are a form of art as well. The comic book industry is at the moment bigger than ever, now that comics are transformed into major blockbuster movies. And animation movies have also, over the last few years, become very popular.With that said, more and more people are attending comicons. Children are buying toys and school supplies of their favourite characters! If companies start using 3D printing to make very accurate prototypes of movie and comic characters. They can test their popularity in the market and then produce a large number of the most popular products.

Experimental art structures in museums

Art museums attract a large number of people, from all age groups. To add incentives for visitors to come back again and for new people to visit the museums, new structures need to be added. These structures then need to be produced in short amounts of time. At the same time, they should be extraordinary designs that display daring creativity. All of these things are achievable with the technologies of 3D designing and printing.

Display in Exhibitions

Hobbyists who wish to display their creativity in exhibitions can make use of 3D printed models, or even artwork they can create with 3D pens at local exhibitions.