This is a free two hours workshop which will be held at Saturday 3:30 pm every week

Free Workshop

Get into 3D Printing with professionals

In this workshop participants will learn and explore the fundamentals of 3D printing—from ideas to printed things.

Topics will include:

What is 3D printing: a basic introduction to the various processes.

How 3d printers work: Different types of FFF 3d printers.

Getting ready with your first design: Design to 3d print.

How to practically print by using home 3d printers and consumer 3D print services.

This is great workshop for getting an entry level start to 3D Printing.

Who can attend?

3D Printing is open to all. From Engineers to Entrepreneurs , from Architects to Housewives and kids – anybody who wants to explore this new technology can attend the workshop.

Please call and confirm your presence at +91 829711887